Major Achievements:

The ACCAI has successfully developed post graduate and certificate programmes in Climate Change Economics, Policy and Innovation. The curricula of the programmes have been adopted by NUC as a benchmark for other universities in Nigeria running   similar programmes in Climate Change. The approval of an Institute of Climate Change Studies by the University Senate is also a major achievement for the Organization.


Target Audience / Service Consumers and stakeholders:

Target Audience: Stakeholders from State and National Ministries, Universities, Institutes, Industries, Policy makers, NGOs, CSOs and any candidate with the University admission requirements.

Service Consumers: The products of these programmes have good employment opportunities at the federal and state ministries of environment, industries, agriculture, works, education, health, science and technology, Food and Agricultural organizations, United Nations Development Programmes, Federal Emergency Management Authority, United Nations Framework on Climate Change, International Monitory Funds, World Bank, African Development Bank, Institutes of Higher Education, Research Institutes and other related Agencies and Parastatals that deal with climate change related issues.


Expected Output/ Outcomes: The programme will equip students with a higher level of thinking such as an understanding o f climate science , climate impacts, climate politics, climate economics, climate policy and law and climate ethics and equity to allow them to effectively discharge their duties with issues encountered by climate – sensitive sectors. The programme will also enable students analyze, evaluate and model the various climate impacts ranging from global to local levels to solve societal problems, while also providing human capacity for climate change adaptation in addition to the creation of knowledge- based evidence required for climate change adaptation and inculcating trans – disciplinary approaches to climate change issue and challenges . Graduates will also develop policy approaches to climate change related issues of vulnerability to climate change and monitor and evaluate research projects on climate change issues.


Methods/ Means of achieving the Outputs:

Seminar/ workshop/ conferences/ Consultations on Climate change adaptation and research- Inviting experts to share knowledge; Developing new relationships and partnerships to bring requisite expertise to the implementation activities; Lectures, Laboratory practical’s, field experiences and other University statute requirements for such programmes.


Resource Needs:


  1. The ACCAI   has inadequate field work resources;
  2. The Institute needs audio-visual and teleconferencing facilities;
  3. A well equipped specialized Library.



Expected benefits to Wider Society/ University:

The activities of the Institute will sensitize and create the desired awareness of the wider society to Climate Change, impacts of Climate change and the need for adaptation and mitigation activities creating a paradigm shift in their relationship with the ecosystem and its services. This scientifically literate society can effectively weigh the evidence regarding climate change, as it confronts the challenges ahead, while developing the innovative policy and technology to advance knowledge of human – climate interactions and develop solutions for a sustainable and prosperous future.