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Director’s Statement

Vision: To become a leading organization for innovative climate change and adaptation research, teaching and advocacy. Mission: Building human capacity necessary to address the unique climate change and adaptation needs of vulnerable communities through teaching, , action – oriented research, development of innovative technologies, and community participation , as well as providing expert advice for national and regional policy formulation and implementation.

Brief History

Rationale / Justification of Existence: Climate studies and modeling experiments indicate that the anthropogenically- driven rise in global temperatures and land –use changes may adversely affect existing climatic, hydrological and environmental conditions. Multiple stresses make most of Africa highly vulnerable to environmental changes and climate change is likely to increase this vulnerability. The West African Region is vulnerable to specific impacts of climate change, some of which include desertification, sea level rise, reduced freshwater availability, changes in frequencies and intensities of cyclones coastal inundation, deforestation, loss of forest quality, woodland degradation , coral bleaching, increase of insect vectors , spread of malaria as well as other vector-borne diseases and food insecurity. These impacts are expected to continue even if the increase in the concentration of green house gases was to be halted due to the long half life of some important gases like carbon dioxide. Hence the need for adaptation strategies.;


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